Drivers and Network Applications

NewSoft is a good partner for producers of multifunction printers (MFP), scanners, printers, and large touchscreens. Multipurpose driver modules have been developed for scanning, printing to portable document format (PDF), or for touchscreens. They combine customized networking services, and help enterprise customers to integrate products and accomplish their business goals.


◆ Underlying Kernel Driver Program Development (Low Level Driver, LLD)
◆ TWAIN Data Source Technology (TWAIN Data Source, TWAIN DS)
◆ User Interface Module (UI)
◆ Print or Transform to Portable Document Format Technology (PDF Printer)
◆ Multiple Application Network Connection Technology (Network Connection)
◆ Large Touchscreen Driver Program (Large Screen Touch Driver)

Application Scope

◆ The Product Development Choice for Hardware Manufactures
Underlying scanning drivers, such as TWAIN DS scanner drivers, MFP, and digital cameras, have been developed to link hardware devices to system resources, to customize hot keys that integrate image-importing devices, and to connect scanning devices, ADF (Auto Document Feeder), Transparency Adapters, and so on. Supports Windows and Macintosh Platforms.

◆ For Software Developers to Expand Application Functions
PDF virtual printers (PDF Printers) are developed to transform images or documents on any application into PDF, or integrate scanner drivers and transform scanned images directly to PDF. Supports Windows Development Environment.

◆ For the Development of Large Touchscreen Drivers
For those manufactures who produce large touchscreens and touch forms, multi-touch applications and drivers are developed with user interface and on-demand defined finger-gestures.

◆ A Partner for the Developer's Technology
Network technology and Wi-Fi modules are applied to develop various kinds of network applications, like for example, transferring files, digital images, and video through Wi-Fi technology. With network technology, you can use mobile devices to control applications on a personal computer or browse data on the Internet, like for example, using mobile apps to transfer data to computers, or using a scanner to send images to tablets or smart phones.


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Application Examples

◆ Applied by MFP, Scanners, and Printer Manufactures
For famous American and Japanese producers of MFP, scanners, and printers, we can design exclusive user interfaces, and integrate hardware with the customer's platform resources based on the customized drivers. We are the hardware developers ideal companions for promoting mutual cooperation and product development.

◆ Added Value on Software Products
The simple and environmentally conscious printer uses many modules of its own. The user can print files across software, or merge contents, merge multiple pages, set to B/W, merge pure images or text, and print. The user can complete a one-stop printing job without selecting printer options, which helps the user accurately acquire file content and quality.
◆ Adopted by Tablet and Touchscreen Manufactures
For well-known Japanese vendors who produce large fluctuating screens, we develop drivers for large touchscreens, design exclusive user interfaces, adopt frequently-used finger-gestures for consumers, and provide perfect touchscreen and driver solutions.
Please contact us by e-mail or phone about your need for customized cooperation.
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