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Optical Character Recognition Software Development Kit (OCR SDK) 

The NewSoft OCR SDK, Optical Character Recognition Software Development Kit, provides developer and equipment manufactures with the integrated OCR SDK technology and applies it to software flow or embeds it into hardware or systems. It uses core technology from MaxReader that is characterized by the outstanding recognition results for Chinese. It supports 44 languages both Eastern and Western and transforms imported images (color, gray, BW images) into editable text. The core technology can recognize more than 1000 characters per second.

◆ Text, image, curve recognition, and calibration
◆ Remove image background
◆ Receipt edge correction
◆ Remove noise and extraneous points on an image
◆ Form and document deskew
◆ Automatically detect document orientation and recognize forms
◆ Self-learning character library
◆ Automatically separate images and text
◆ Retain the style of the original file after recognition
◆ Built-in word calibration and character comparison functions for accurate results
◆ Produces various formats including TXT, HTML, RTF, PDF, and Microsoft Excel XLS
◆ Different Eastern language fonts: 明體、黑體、楷書、仿宋、原體、隸書 and more
◆ Different back-end systems provide a variety of data

Application Range
◆ File Recognition:
Applies to scanners or MFP (Multi-Functional Peripheral) manufactures as well as software developers for mobile phones and tablets, aiming to add value to products by using OCR SDK technology.

◆ Digitalization of Information on Paper:

Helps organizations, like enterprises, libraries, publishers, newspapers, hospitals, and banks convert massive amounts of paper into digital form through OCR technology, and then save to a database, which saves considerable typing time.

◆ Identification:

Applies to various identification cards, staff cards, or membership cards such as ID cards, health insurance cards, and driver's licenses. It helps enterprises, customs, police, and transportation departments quickly verify information, manage data, and monitor security.

◆ Embedded Recognition System:

Combines image input devices with the OCR Kernel module for manufactures of scanners, MFPs, cameras, and video cameras.

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 Application Examples

◆ Enterprises Build Digital Databases
With the coming of the digital age, newspapers and magazines need to convert all their paper documents into a digital database. NewSoft, cooperating with domestic newspapers and magazines, provides exclusive services that help separate content, implement OCR, and then convert paper documents to electronic data and export to specified folders. This technology helps customers build digital databases.

Supports Windows, Macintosh, and Linux platforms.

◆ Application Range of System Integrators
As governmental data as well as administrative procedures trend to be processed digitally, NewSoft collaborates with enterprises on identification recognition technology to accelerate the administrative flow. For example, people only need to take out an ID card, implement recognition, and the result goes into a database automatically. It promotes efficient processes and simplifies complicated procedures when there are many forms to fill.

Supports Windows, Macintosh, and Linux Database Platforms.

◆ Developers Use as Underlying Programs
Develops document, name card, and receipt applications by utilizing the MaxReader OCR Kit, or develops mobile applications on iOS or Android platforms. If you are a hardware manufacturer, you can develop scanning and recognition devices by combining the MaxReader OCR Kit with your hardware.

◆ Developers Add Value to Applications
Embeds an OCR SDK kernel module (such as the document deskew, image orientation, or character recognition modules) into scanner devices, and exports the results to memory cards or computers for convenience and portability.

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