BizCard 6.0 Presto! BizCard 8



Presto! BizCard provides a full range of contact management functions for adding business cards without typing. Use the Presto! BizCard recognition system to scan business cards, edit, and synchronize the information to the most frequently used personal database management software. You can easily save and manage your contact information.

Business Card Recognition and Program Management
Easily Synchronize Contact Information to Cloud Storage Accounts, PDA, or PIM Devices.
Presto! BizCard can convert images of cards into information that is available for searching and editing in databases. With synchronization, you can add contact information to Google Contacts, Salesforce, ACT!,  or Microsoft Outlook. Contact information can also be exported and archived as vCards, in CSV format, or imported to MobileMe, Gmail, or Hotmail. The information can be effortlessly exchanged between your laptop, PDAs, and PIMs.
Intuitive and Simple User Interface for Quickly Finding Contact Information
Presto! BizCard has a simple and intuitive interface so you can file and find the company, category, name, or other search information. It not only supports multi-language text display, but allows you to manage the cards in various languages by providing programming interfaces in 12 languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese. View mode lets you quickly view each business card front and back, and you can annotate text. The Smart Search feature allows you to quickly find contact information.
Innovative, User-Friendly, and Convenient Information Technology
Presto! BizCard offers a number of innovative and user-friendly functions like SFIT (smart field recognition technology) to enhance the accuracy of card identification. In addition, the card language can be automatically detected. The card text may be in an Eastern or a Western language and there is the option of including the front and back information from business cards. You can also specify the language; choose auto-cropping, use a flatbed scanner to scan multiple cards, and you can automatically identify more than one business card scanned at a time.
Essential and Simple Contact Management Tool
Presto! BizCard supports standard TWAIN scanner standards. Using a flatbed scanner, you can scan multiple cards for automatic identification, and use ADF (Automatic Feeder) for double-sided scanning.
In addition, you can scan your business cards without having BizCard or Outlook open. Just scan business cards with the BizCard Tool from the System Tray. Each contact with its card image will be seamlessly transferred to both BizCard and Outlook.


System Requirements
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10, 11
At least 550 MB hard disk space to install, 850 MB hard disk space to run the program
(Optional) contact management or personal information management software such as Microsoft Outlook