ANYPost is a digital signage publishing system with fully networked interfaces. You can use the Internet without installing additional software. Edit and publish digital signage directly from your browser. Network access lets you make immediate changes and add content to multiple remote signage screens.
RSS and Widget concepts are built in to the system. Weather forecasts, global time, marquees, video animation, games, or other functions can be displayed as soon as they are selected.
Easily managed digital signage anytime, anywhere, and fast. Let ANYPost help guide your effective information to targeted customers. Visually appealing publishing for exciting promotions—ANYPost is an indispensable tool for effective marketing.
Produtc Features
  • ● High-quality digital presentation, whole-network environment and interface,super-convenient management.
  • ● Online design of style and content. Just open the browser to immediately edit and create. The content can be stored in the network, always ready to be used or played.
  • ● Various built-in templates allow easy selection and almost instant creation of beautiful interactive presentations.
  • ● Make playlists, which can control displayed content each day of the week, month, and up to a half year. Playlist scan be modified online, simultaneously by several people. Vital and useful playlist shave become the simplest thing.
  • ● Utilizing various Web widgets, such as the marquee, weather channel, RSS news, and custom block HTML are as simple as using PowerPoint. Drag here, fill there, choose a color, and then you quickly possess a number of professional modules to grab attention and inform.
  • ● Purchased modules such as itinerary release, movie playing, appointment system, photo playing, counter system, and bulletin board are provided. No matter what your industry is, you can construct the system that is best.
  • ● The slideshow provides functions for adding text, placing pictures, and inserting video so you are free to make the highest quality digital advertising necessary to project a pleasing, popular, and proficient enterprise image.
  • ● The emergency notification function can act like an emergency broadcasting system. During a major emergency, digital boards set up in various locations can rapidly deliver emergency messages so that the people can react in time.
  • ● ANYPost provides remote hardware control, screen turn-on and turn-off switch, instant monitoring of hardware load conditions, and other functions.