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丹青文件辨識系統5.5極致版 Presto! DanChing 5.5 



Presto! DanChing 5.5 is a simple and convenient OCR tool. Created with a number of intelligent and automatic proofreading functions, it provides user interfaces in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, and Japanese. It can identify 15 Eastern and Western languages. Presto!DanChing5.5 has an efficient multi-core CPU and recognition engine to help digitized a large number of scanned files without having to type.

Connect the scanner to read information from documents such as newspapers, business papers, and technical documents. Create your own information system and database. Trade paper for digital files fast and smoothly while retaining the look of the original.


Presto! DanChing5.5 can automatically analyze a table or graphic file and present windows side by side to help you proofread the document. You can choose to separate the graphics and text to maximize storage space. Paper documents can be scanned and recognized and the results converted into PDF files or saved as TXT, RTF, DOC, XLS, SLK, CSV, HTML, and other file formats.

Use your preferred software to open and edit. Presto! DanChing5.5 is a flexible paperwork processor for easily using and managing files.


Comprehensive Document Recognition and Application Management
Presto! DanChing 5.5 provides convenient, fast, and automatic recognition. Intelligent modules guide you through four steps - open, adjust, analyze, and export. Create your own information systems and databases.
Ultra Precise OCR Results
♦ Correct skewed documents:

If the document placement on the scanner is not correct, it will affect OCR recognition results. You can click automatic skew correction from the Edit menu. The system can begin the OCR process after automatic skew detection and correction to avoid angled paper having a bad effect on the recognition results.

♦ Automatically detect page orientation:
This feature adjusts the image to a positive direction in order to obtain better OCR results. You can also use the toolbar icons for manually righting the image by 90 or 180 degrees.
Super Useful Recognition Features
♦ Supports 15 languages:
Presto! DanChing utilizes multiple OCR engines to recognize Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian (bokmal), Norwegian (nynorsk), Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish documents.
♦ Automatic Language Identification:

For Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and other Asian languages.

♦ Neural network recognition technology:

Recognition results are more accurate.

♦ Automatic Proofreading and Smart Learning:

Presto! DanChing 5.5 checks OCR results for accuracy against its built-in dictionary. It will label suspicious characters to save you time in proofreading. Presto! DanChing 5.5 can also learn new characters that are often mistaken and can use them to enhance recognition accuracy the next time.

♦ Automatic Analysis of Chinese Vertical and Horizontal Text in Single or Multiple Columns:

Presto! DanChing 5.5 automatically analyzes horizontal, vertical and horizontal/vertical alignments, and single and multi-column image files. In cases where the imported image page setup is too complicated, you can also set the text/image format so the system can correctly analyze and recognize it.

♦ Re-OCR:

Presto! DanChing 5.5 allows you to correct OCR errors by connecting and dividing characters, lines, or blocks, and by changing block attributes.

Satisfying OCR Efficiency
♦ Multi-core Recognition Technology:

Intel or AMD multi-core processor systems enhance multi-page document processing.

♦ Supports ADF:

Can process and recognize documents that are more than two hundred pages, with a recognition rate of 150 characters per second.

♦ Display of image and text window:

Providing an intuitive proofreading environment with individual candidate, thesaurus, and other ways to find and correct errors.

♦ Ability to Save Templates:

DanChing speeds up and simplifies the processing of standardized documents by saving the arrangement of blocks in a template (*.tpl), and then project the template onto subsequent images.

♦ Setting Hot Keys:

just by right-clicking, you can display a shortcut menu for adding handy applications, products, and operations.

Super intimate output applications
♦ Support for multi-page TIF file recognition:

And support for other common image file types, including JPG, BMP, and PCX. Strengthened multiple image recognition functions.

Save recognition results directly to a file as TXT, DOC, RTF, XLS, SLK, CSV, PDF, and other formats. Edit in Word, Excel, or other word processor. Files can also be saved as HTML to be read in a web browser.



♦ Multi-page document recognition results:

export the combined output as a single-page or multi-page PDF file.


Presto! Forms is a set of tables designed for word processing software that allow you to edit the content of any of the fields. Save the trouble of re-create the table. Just edit and save as a PDF file.
System Requirements
Operating System: Microsoft Windows  8, 7 , Vista, XP
At least 400 MB of disk space, and at least 512 MB of RAM
TWAIN-compliant scanner