Presto! PrintCentral



Still worry about printing out irrelevant pages or large amount of Spam web pages? Still find out unnecessary pages when your confirmation orders or tourist routes are printed out? Or still be upset when you want to add or update some text after you press the print button? If you are confronted with such problems, Presto! PrintCentral can help you!


Presto! PrintCentral is an easy to use and environmentally friendly printing software, and it can help you avoid waste of paper, ink and carbon. You can preview all items, readjust or delete unnecessary pages or documents before you print.


Whatever cross-software merging and printing, multi-page merging and printing, setting as Black-on-White, pure photograph and pure text merging and printing, you can get all things done by only one step without additional settings on the printers, and can control the text quality exactly.

New features of energy conservation and carbon reduction
  • Cross-software Merging and Printing.
No need to open such programs as MicroSoft Office, Print Central can merge and print files saved as Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, HTML, TXT, JPG, and BMP format, merge multiple files and print them out.
  • Readjust pages and delete unnecessary pages, print out necessary contents easily.
You can view the documents to print, readjust or delete unnecessary pages or documents from thumbnail images or page navigation window.
  • Support Black-on-White printing and can delete pictures or text freely.
Select print contents and modes freely and easily, filter unnecessary information easily and enhance the readability of the printed files significantly.
  • Save as print-oriented files, or BMP, JPG documents and share with others for printing.
  • Multi-page Merging and Printing.
Merge and print 8 pages, 4 pages, 2 pages or one page on the same page and this is great help for your paper and ink saving.
  • Sweep away all troubles in setting binding area, adding float watermark, document binding and maintaining.
  • Template print, make special file printing more easily!
You can import images as background templates, adjust print contents and print out files that can fit with the background, and this applies to table files in special formats.
System Requirements
Microsoft Windows 7 / Vista / XP 
Hard drive with 5 MB free disk space
512 MB RAM (2 GB for Vista is recommended)