PageManager 9 - Tutorials

9.x (Mac)
2011-12-30What is the function of Filters?
2011-12-30How do I merge PDF files?
2011-12-30How do I save images as multi-page TIFF files?
2011-12-30How do I change the default OCR language?
2011-12-30How can I scan a document to a specific folder in PageManager 9?
2011-12-30How do I open Scan Buttons?
2011-12-30Converting Images to Text (OCR)
9.x (Windows)
2011-12-30How does the "Stack" work?
2011-12-30How to change the OCR language?
2011-12-30How to scan several pages and save them in one PDF file?
2011-12-30How to scan a document to a specific folder from PageManager?
2011-12-30How to deskew an Image?
2011-12-30How to convert image to text document?
2011-12-30How to Merge PDF files?
2011-12-30How to Split a multiple page PDF file?
2011-12-30Converting Images to Text (OCR)