BizCard - Tutorials

2011-12-30How do I scan business cards with the BizCard Reader scanner?
2011-12-30How do I calibrate my scanner the first time I use BizCard?
2011-12-30How do I scan more than one business card at a time?
2011-12-30How do I scan a business card with a flatbed scanner?
2011-12-30The new quick guide for BizCard version 5.32.00 & 5.60.00 & 5.60.04 (HP notebook PC only).
2011-12-30How to sort data by last name?
2011-12-30How to synchronize BizCard 6 with Palm?
2011-12-30How to scan cards from Outlook in BizCard 6?
2011-12-30How to start BizCard 6 from system tray?
2011-12-30How to protect cards data?
2011-12-30How to merge several databases?
2011-12-30How to duplicate name cards?
2011-12-30How do I import an image for the back of a card?
2015-07-09How can I scan a business card with a flatbed scanner?
2015-07-09How do I back up BizCard7 database files?
2015-07-09How do I synchronize BizCard7 with Mac contacts?
2015-07-09How can I synchronize all cards to Microsoft Outlook?
2015-07-09How do I export all Card images to files at the same time?