PageManager 9 - Software patches download

9.x (Retail for Windows)
2013-09-181. Applies to these versions:
9.01.23, 9.01.26, 9.01.31, 9.20.01
2. Version changes to 9.20.20 after updating.
3. Support office 2013.
4. Only one client for SharePoint 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013, and no server package.
5. Improve the output RTF quality.
6. Improve and PDF output and view quality.
7. Support Storage Cloud features:
Google Drive, User can easily to download/upload files between local and cloud in PageManager.
8. Support Share Cloud: Evernote:
User can share image or files to album or note.
9. Add App name in application bar and add option to show/hide application name in application icon.
10. Add Annotation icon for Thumbnail View and Tile view for image files which had annotation information.
11. New Application bar setting for Image, Document and email application types.
12. Add Options under PDF Save as Image setting dialog, user can select exported annotation or not.
13. Update Splash Image, default samples and statement.
9.x (Ricoh for Windows)
1. This patch only applies to these version:
9.06, 9.33.10, 9.33.12, 9.33.14, 9.33.16.
2. The version changes to 9.33.20 after updating.
3. Support Windows 10.
4. Fix the login problem of Facebook.
5. Add "Import Old Data" in Start Menu.
9.x 64bit (Canon Electronics for Mac)
2020-03-181. Apply to the specific scanners of Canon Electronics only.
2. Update the scanning issues with TWAIN/ICA driver on Catalina.
3. App installer was notarized by Apple.
4. Support for macOS 10.8 ~ 10.15.