PageManager 7 - Software patches download

7.21.x (Ricoh for Windows)
2011-12-29Windows OS version

1. This patch only applies to the following versions of Ricoh MFP scanners.
7.21.00 7.21.10 7.21.30 7.21.50 7.21.51 7.21.52 & 7.21.53.

2. Updated the DevInfo.ini which controls the of default setting of customized scan range for driver.

3. Support Windows 7 & Server 2008 R2.

4. The version changes to 7.21.60 after updating.

5. Fixed issues:
a. When scan with ADF Non-UI mode the scanned image is not central-allocation.
b. The Custom Size in Scan Size list depends on the OS/language.
c. Unable to do Scan to E-Mail with the OS standard mail program.
d. Unable to start MS Outlook when Scan Central is running.
e. WIA driver is not on the scanner list under Windows 7.

6. Known issues:
a. Under Windows 7 saving as TIFF G3 format will cause Horizontal lines in scanned image.
Suggestion: Try to use other file format.
b. Under Windows 7 if WIA scanner is installed and connected to device via USB port it will be set as default in PageManager.
Suggestion: If necessary try to change another scanner source again.