PageManager 7 - Software patches download

7.19.x (Ricoh for Windows)
2011-12-29Windows OS version

1. The patch only applies to version 7.19.00 and 7.19.30 for Ricoh.
2. The version changes to 7.19.60 after updating.
3. Update the compatibility issue of back up files.
4. Correct the transfer issue with MS Outlook 2003.
5. Update the Print Fun problem.
6. Update the compatibility issue when open a PDF file with Nice PDF compressor.
7. Support Microsoft office 2010.
7.20.x (Retail for Windows)
2011-12-29Windows OS version

New features:
1. Support for Windows Vista and the XPS format.
2. Support for Undo and Redo for annotations in XPS View.
3. The version changes to 7.20.11 after installing.

Fixed bugs:
1. Network Group crashes when right-clicking the icon on the taskbar.
2. When saving a TIFF file with annotations the annotations and the icon disappear.
3. The Live Update dialog box appears automatically after starting.
4. No response when scanning at 1200 dpi.
5. The program sometimes crashes when arranging stacks or performing Undo and Redo several times.
6. Incorrect message when transmitting a file from computer A to computer B.
7. When saving a document including the old German characters as PDF the program will sometimes crash when switching to PDF view for the PDF file.
8. When saving Web pages from IE view as PDF files some text in the PDF file will not display correctly.
9. Search results are not shown on the first page of the PDF file. For the first search the item cannot be found but for the second search it can be.
10. For special PDF files in Windows Vista the search string cannot be found.
11. If some text is added to a multi-page PDF file (except for the first page) the PDF files cannot be searched accurately.
12. The program sometimes crashes when saving a slide show in executable format from the slide show dialog box.
7.21.x (Ricoh for Mac)
2011-12-29Mac OS version

1. This patch only applies to the following versions of Ricoh MFP scanners:
PM7.21.00 and PM7.21.01.
2. Fix the issue: "When scan by NON-UI for the first time an alert message will popup to "scanner is not found! …" then PM will hang up unless user force quit it".
3. Updated the DevInfo.plist mechanism which controls the of default setting of customized scan range for driver.
And improve the central-allocation issue under NON-UI mode with ADF by DevInfo.plist mechanism.
4. Support Mac OS 10.6.
5. The version changes to 7.21.03 after updating.