PageManager 9 - Software patches download

9.x (Brother for MacOS 11)
2021-06-25Release note:
1. Support macOS 10.12 ~ 11.
2. Updated the OCR engine.
3. Fixed the Google Drive issue.
9.x (Brother for Windows OS)
2016-01-191. The patch only applies to version 9.28.00, 9.35.11 and PM9.52.03.
2. The version changes to 9.52.21 after updating.
3. Support Windows 10.
9.x (Panasonic for Windows)
2020-10-161. Upgrade the Dropbox API to V2.0.
2. Remove the Facebook module since Facebook deprecated the permission granted apps to publish posts to Facebook.
3. Update PDF Printer Driver to the latest version (4.1.19303).
4. Update Copyright to 2020.
5. Update the Readme and PDF Help file.
6. Update version to 9.23.34.
7. Fix Bug: OneDrive problem since the OneDrive API is changed.
8. Fix Bug: Google drive login and download issues.
9. Fix Bug: The Evernote login dialog will automatically exit back when trying to log in.
10. Fix Bug: Sometimes the softwware will crash when scanning on Windows 10.