PageManager 7 - Software patches download

7.15.x (Canon for Windows)
2011-12-29Windows OS version

This PageManager 7.15.35 (Win) update applies only applies to the following versions.

1. Applies to version 7.15.00 7.15.10 7.15.11 7.15.12 7.15.13 7.15.14 7.15.16 7.15.19 7.15.20 7.15.21 7.15.30 7.15.15 and 7.15.17(Canon version).
2. Changes version to 7.15.35 after updating.
3. Supports Windows 2000 XP Vista and 7.
4. Supports WIA scanning function on Windows Vista and 7.
5. Improves the processing speed for scanning and creating file thumbnail.
6. Allows to drag and drop the scanned document to MS Outlook 2007 in Application bar.
7. Changes the default Scan settings of Descreen function.
7.18.x (Brother for Mac)
2011-12-29Mac OS version

1. Applies to versions 7.18.11 7.18.12 PM7.18.13 and PM7.18.14 for Brother version only.
2. Changes version to 7.18.15 after updating.
3. Adds A3 and B4 size in Scan setting dialog.
4. Supports Mac OS X 10.6 and fixed the Rosetta component problem.

Note: For versions 7.18.00 ~ 7.18.10 please update to version 7.18.11 first.
2011-12-29Mac OS version

This PageManager 7.18.11 (Mac) update is a full installer for Brother scanner series only.
It is an UB application to support Mac OS 10.3.9 ~ 10.5 or later.

Note: It will auto detect the supported scanner Twain driver for using this full installer.

Here are main bug fixes for the Macintosh operating system.
1. Correct Rotate function in Presto! Wrapper file.
2. Program will hang up when clicking Acquire button without installing any scanner driver on OS 10.5.
3. Correct the Scan to PageManager icon in Presto! Scan button bar.
4. Correct the blank line when dragging the slide bard on OS 10.5.
5. Correct the error code of License agreement in Japanese.
6. Improve the application bar code of Printer icons.
7. Update help file for adding OS 10.5.
8. Correct the unexpectedly quit problem when close program.
9. RestoreStamp will be launched in Dock on OS 10.5
10. Correct the string when scanning A4 size at 2400 dpi of 24 colors.
11. The version changes to 7.18.11 after installing.
7.18.x (Brother for Windows)
2011-04-08Windows OS version

1. This patch only applies to 7.18.10 7.18.11 7.18.12 7.18.30 7.18.31 7.18.40 7.18.41 and 7.18.42
2. The version changes to 7.18.43 after updating.
3. Fix the TIFF files issue to save as multi-tiff format normally.
4. Fix the TIFF files issue to save as G3/G4 tiff format.
5. Fix the blank words issue for transferring word file to PDF.
6. Fix the saving issue of USB drive.
7. Delete the temp file after OCR.
8. Fix the fax issue for incorrect sequence.
9. Fix the compatible problems on Windows 7.
10. Support Office 2010 x64.