BizCard - Software patches download

6.60.20 Windows (for Canon Electronics)
2019-06-211. Fixed the issue that cannot sync to Google Contact.
2. Fixed known issues of Windows 10.
3. Fixed the record can’t be displayed properly when sync data from Salesforce to BizCard.
4. Supports for Windows 10 (version 1903).
6.60.53 Windows (for Brother)
2020-07-061. Apply to the specific scanners of Brother.
2. Update the version number to 6.60.53.
3. Fix Google contacts sync issue.
4. Fix the problem that export settings are not recorded after exiting modification.
5. Fix the incorrect android device name when connecting with Android 9/10.
6.81.00 (Epson for Windows)
2021-03-311. Applied to the specific scanners of Epson only.
2. Supported Windows 7, 8, 10.
3. Integrated the new OCR engine.