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2011-12-29Windows OS version

This patch can only apply to versions 3.0 3.01 3.02 3.10 3.04 3.15 3.20 3.21.

* Smart Panel 3.50 upgrade does not need to install this patch file.

This patch will remove the previous versions and install the new applets that support Windows Vista.
Some applets will be removed during installation including Scan to Web (Epson Photo Site) Photo Print (Reprint Photos) Scan to PDA and Photoshop.
The following are the new applets.

- Scan to File (Scan and Save)
- Copy (Copy Utility) - New Copy v3.27 can only apply to the driver of Epson Scan and Twain 5
- Copy to Fax
- Business Card
- Scan to Application
- View and Create
- Scan to E-mail
- Scan to OCR (Edit Text)

To enable the Scan to OCR function you must install the specified program as following:
FineReader - ABBYY
DanChing - NewSoft
Yonde! CoCo - AISOFT

You can buy it from the website below if necessary.

Release Notes:
1. Support for Windows Vista Photoshop CS3 and Windows Mail.
2. Support for Microsoft Office 2007 but Excel 2007.
3. Support for new versions of ABBYY FineReader PhotoImpression DanChing BizCard and Mr. Photo in Windows Vista.
4. Support for the YondeCOCO Vista version.
5. Update Copy utility to version number 3.3.
6. Update version number to 3.50.01.
7. Update copyright date to 2007.
8. Support for Photoshop CS3
2012-04-03Windows OS version

This patch can only apply to versions 3.60.00

1. Update version number to 3.61.00 .
2. Support MS Office 2010.
3. Support Windows Livemail 2011.
2012-11-061. This patch applies to Smart Panel 4.00.00.
2. The version changes to 4.10.00 after updating.
3. It supports for Live Mail 2011 and Thunderbird 16.