PageManager 7 - Software patches download

7.11.x (HP for Windows)
2011-12-29Windows OS version

Fixed Bugs:
1. Fix the error "Get disk free space failure" when starting.
2. Fix the error message when drag a scanned image to MS Word icon in Application bar.
3. Rename the default scanned file name. (e.g. Page0001 Page0002 .)
4. The version changes to 7.11.03 after installing.

1. Auto detection of language and Manual multi-language select
2. Released Languages in one patch file:
American Danish Dutch English French German Italian Korean Portugue SimplifiedChinese Spanish Swedish TraditionalChinese

Available for PageManager v 7.11.00 - 7.11.02 users
7.13.x (Epson for Windows)
2011-12-29Windows OS version

This patch can apply to PageManager v7.13.00 v7.13.01 v7.13.10 v7.13.11 v7.13.12 v7.13.13 v7.13.14 v7.13.15 and the version will update to v7.13.30P after installing.

Release Note:

1. Support to view the Office 2007 format.
2. Improve the preference of PDF scanning function in network mode.
3. Fixed the network checking method of License manager.
4. Fixed the display function when viewing the protected PDF file on Vista.
5. Improve the function of Mul-TIF annotation.
6. The version changes to 7.13.30 after installing.

Supported O.S.: Win98SE Win2000 WinME WinXP32/64 bit Win Vista 32/64 bit
2012-01-04Windows OS version

1. This patch only applies to version 7.13.30.
2. The version changes to 7.13.31 after updating.
3. Fixed some compatibility problems on Windows 7 and Vista.
7.15.x (Canon for Mac)
2012-01-04Mac OS version

1. Fixes the Mac OS X 10.7 compatibility issues.
2. Changes version to 7.15.31 after updating.
3. Applies to versions 7.15.21 7.15.23 & 7.15.30 (Canon versions only).