BizCard - Software patches download

6.11.10 Windows (for Panasonic)
2013-03-181. This BizCard 6.11.10 (Win) update is a full installer for Panasonic scanner series only.

2. Fix scan and recognize bug.
6.1x Windows (for Retail_OEM)
2014-07-281. Applies to these versions.(V6.11.x、V6.12.x、V6.20.x、V6.30.x)
2. Fixed failed to sync to Google contact issue.
3. The updated version of the same.
6.30.00 Windows (for Ambir)
2014-08-271. The Patch only applies to V6.30.00 for Ambir devices.
2. It will not change the version number after updating.
3. The major change is to update the ini file of the default scanning resolution to fix the scanning problem.