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Driver, Network, and Cloud Applications 
Diverse Choices for MFP, Scanners, and Printers
NewSoft has been developing digital office applications for a long time, and is devoted to developing drivers and software for MFP, scanners, and printers. Our experienced team provides TWAIN, PDF printer drivers, and multi-function drivers. We also offer network and cloud design applications and development to help enterprise customers integrate products and accomplish their business goals.
● Scanner Drivers
We develop scanner drivers and customize image input devices, such as TWAIN DS drivers for scanners, MFP, and digital cameras according to enterprise customer needs. We combine hardware and system platform resources to integrate the image input device Hot Key scanning requirements with ADF (Auto Document Feeder) and Slide Transparency Adapters.

Supports Macintosh and Windows Platforms

※Description:TWAIN is a communication standard between software and image input devices. TWAIN protocols standardize the data transmission and communication between applications and image acquisition devices.
● Virtual PDF Printer Driver
We develop virtual PDF printer drivers according to enterprise customer needs. Virtual PDF printers can convert images and document files to PDF on any application, or work with scanner drivers to convert scanned images to PDF.

Supports Windows Development Environment
Network and Cloud Applications

In addition to scanner and PDF printer drivers, our teams are intimately familiar with the application and development of network device technology and cloud computing. We apply network technology and Wi-Fi modules to develop network applications to transfer files, digital images, and videos by Wi-Fi. You can use mobile devices to control files and applications on a personal computer, browse data on the Internet, transfer data to desktop computers, or send images from scanners to tablets or smart phones.

NewSoft provides various cloud applications to save, manage, and share files anytime and anywhere. We can help you easily create cloud storage platforms and software for managing important data, or work with third-party network platforms that offer cloud services. This can help transfer data to the cloud for storage or exchange between third-party cloud service platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive, and SkyDrive.

We can customize applications and software for Windows, Macintosh, iOS, and Android platforms according to enterprise customer needs.

If you have any multi-function printer, scanner, printer driver, network, or cloud application development needs, please contact us.

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