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Image Editing and Management Techniques - Customer Service 
NewSoft specializes in image editing and image management techniques, providing flexible, customized service that fits the customer needs. Our services apply to Windows, Macintosh, iOS, Android, social sharing platforms, cloud service management platforms, and applications integrated with hardware. The following services can satisfy enterprise customer needs on image application technology:
● Image editing technology:
  1. Background removal and photo fuse: Select the part of the photo you want and blend into another background.
  1. Special effects: Many different effects like emboss, sketch, black-and-white, sepia, hue, soft focus, color, mosaic, and mirror can be applied to photos, and the brush tool can be used to adjust the photos.
  1. Photo retouching: These functions include red-eye removal, cropping, rotating, brightness adjustment, size, contrast, filters, 3D effects, and transparency levels.
  1. Photo editing: There are numerous text-editing, borders, stamps, and watermark functions.
  1. Batch editing: Perform batch-editing to a group of photos, saving a lot of memory and time.
  2. Photo slideshow: Provides transition styles like fade in and out, scrolling, subtle movements, and adding text and sound.
● Image Management Technology:
You can view, edit, and add annotations to images. Either the annotation toolbar, touchup toolbar, or the comment toolbar will appear depending on the image type, to allow for easy adjustments. It is easy and convenient to manage images from mobile phone, digital camera, scanner, or your computer. The powerful organizing, sorting, and categorizing functions will surely impress you.
● Cloud Service Management Applications:
These applications combine cloud maintenance and operation platforms to stream, save, and manage photos. They integrate with enterprise customers' service to print photographs and produce files.
● Social Sharing:
Multimedia streaming technology lets you share photos on popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Sina Microblog, Flicker, Instagram, Google+, and YouTube.
If you have any need for image editing and management technology, you are welcome to contact us any time.

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