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Optical Character Recognition Software Development Kit (OCR SDK)  
The NewSoft OCR SDK, Optical Character Recognition Software Development Kit, uses the core technology from MaxReader developed in-house. The core technology applies neural network technology and provides high-quality recognition results, and is characterized by the outstanding recognition results for Chinese. It supports 44 languages both Eastern and Western and provides various recognition applications according to customer demands.
Description: Neural network recognition technology is an analog computation tool (nonlinear statistical data model) utilizing the self-learning feature of neural networks to improve accuracy.
NewSoft's OCR SDK can convert document and image data (color, gray, and black and white images) to editable text files. The technology can recognize more than 1000 characters per second.
The main functions are as follows:
  1. Document deskew
  2. Automatically detect document orientation
  3. Form recognition
  4. Self-Learning character library
  5. Automatically separate images and text
  6. Retain the style of the original file after recognition
  7. Built–in word calibration and character comparison functions to get more accurate results
  8. Produces various file formats including TXT, HTML, RTF, PDF, and Microsoft Excel XLS
  9. Support Eastern language fonts: 明體、黑體、楷書、仿宋、圓體、隸書
  10. Different back-end systems provide a variety of data
Using the NewSoft OCR SDK, you can easily integrate applications to different platforms like Windows, Macintosh, Linus, iOS, and Android.
OCR SDK Core Technology Application Range
♦ File recognition:
applies to scanner and MFP (Multi-Functional Peripheral) manufacturers as well as software developers for mobile phones and tablet applications.
♦ Digitalization of information on paper:
helps organizations like enterprises, libraries, publishers, newspapers, hospitals, and banks convert massive amounts of paper into digital form through OCR technology, and then save to databases.
♦ Identification:
applies to various certificates, such as identification cards, heath cards, driver's licenses, and membership cards. It helps enterprises, customs, police, and transportation departments to quickly verify information, manage data, and monitor security.
♦ Embedded recognition system:
combines image input devices with the OCR Kernel module for manufacturers of scanners, MFPs, cameras, and video cameras.
If you have any OCR SDK software needs or hardware integration questions, please contact us.

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