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Presto! BizCard Xpress is the ideal tool to keep your contacts connected !

Do you have piles of business cards and you can't find the right one when you need it? Are you tired of feeling like you are playing a card game as you flip through your business cards to find the contact you're looking for?

Now there is a way to get your business card contacts organized – Presto! BizCard Xpress provides an easy and efficient process that recognizes your business cards and then directly transfers them to your Address Book. Once they are in your Address Book, your contacts can be automatically synchronized to the iCloud and even to your iPhone and iPad!

With the ability to scan, convert and store, BizCard Xpress works with any TWAIN compliant scanner - desktop, sheet-feed or all-in-one printers. BizCard Xpress' quick scan feature triggers instant scanning without the need to go through the settings, and it also works with auto document feeders, which enables multiple cards to be processed at once.

And if you already have business card images, simply drag it to the BizCard Xpress at the Menu Bar and the recognition process will be automatically initiated. With NewSoft's SFIT technology BizCard Xpress identifies the name, company, phone number, email, address and more*. Making good on that vow to get your business card contacts digitized and organized couldn't be easier!


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