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Presto! PageManager Software Development Kit 
Dedicated to document management, NewSoft provides the Presto! PageManager Software Development Kit and customized services to the customer, letting them enjoy the powerful functions like document management, OCR recognition, PDF splitting, merging, stacking, and annotating.
Presto! PageManager customized services can be combined with scanners, printers, MFPs (Multi-Functional Peripherals), and digital cameras to organize documents and images. Presto! PageManager Software Development Kit lets the developer quickly integrate and add new features to Presto! PageManager to use it in the enterprise customer's systems.
Presto! PageManager Customized Applications
Integrated with hardware like MFP, handheld scanners, scanners, printers, and digital cameras and combined with scanning and photography, Presto! PageManager provides valuable functions to help customers improve product quality. It is an ideal solution for document management and a great choice for the enterprise customer.
♦ Presto! PageManager Functions
  1. Manage documents and images
  2. Support for 58 languages both Eastern and Western and for OCR recognition
  3. Support for PDF splitting, merging, stacking, and annotating
  4. Support for 53 frequently used file formats like Microsoft Office, PDF, and imaging
  5. Several file preview modes, such as thumbnail view and tree view
  6. Save and send files
  7. Search files
  8. Support for scanning, printing, and faxing files
  9. Support for multi-language operating systems
  10. File format conversion, for example:
    Image files → Document files
    Document files → Image files
    Image files → Office files
    Office Files → Image files
    Document files → PDF files
    PDF files → TXT/RTF
    Office files → PDF files
    XPS files → Image files
    Document files → XPS files
    PDF Files → XPS files
    Office files → XPS files
Presto! PageManager Software Development Kit Application
Presto! PageManager Software Development Kit lets the developer quickly integrate and add new functions to Presto! PageManager. It is suitable for the Windows platform, and the developer can use this package to customize and add new components to expand the Presto! PageManager application.
♦ Add flexible new application links and function keys
The Presto! PageManager Software Development Kit offers faxing, e-mail, OCR, printing, personal data and document management system functions. The developer can add new applications and function keys, such as browsing specific webpages or opening specific applications.
♦ Add plug-ins for application activation or shutdown
Cooperation with the start and end of the application: the developer can synchronize with the start or end command for specific functionality. For example, it can start a specific function when activating the software, or stop a specific function when shutting down the software.
♦ Provide API (Application Program Interface) for OCR, file format conversion, and file searching to allow the developer to quickly integrate these functionalities to the enterprise's systems.
If you have any customization requirements for the Presto! PageManager Software Development Kit, please contact us.

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