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What is a digital signage system?

Multimedia Digital Signage and Electronic Billboards refers to the use of digital displays, high-quality video, animation, images, and text, in specific locations, at specific times, and aimed directly at targeted customers.

General public broadcasts are for different television programs, but digital signage networks are for every niche market for small public dissemination.

Currently mass transit stations, supermarkets, cinemas, clinics, fast food restaurants, and many other places will more and more often have a 42-inch display or a large TV. Many of these exhibit with only a DVD player to repeatedly show a film, or just a simple playback of current TV programs. They have very unfortunately failed to make good use of interactive digital signage opportunities. Digital signage at its best can be seen at rapid transit stations.

The big screens show so many people the information they need, such as the train frequency in real time, minutes to the next car, weather, important government information, or advertisements.

Good digital signage software allows everyone to easily use the production functions to make these kinds of billboards. It will help companies, restaurants, factories, hotels, schools, and so on. They can push the information, produce it quickly, and the system can function with a back-end database, the latest content at any time without the need for manually updating the information.

ANYPost diversity of use

  • Networked operating environment lets you use a browser to edit the content.
  • A variety of built-in modules such as time, weather, and news ticker are included.
  • Set backgrounds, the same system to support different aspects of multi-faceted digital signage interface.
  • Adjust according to different screen sizes.
  • Built-in sound public bulletin boards, conference room management, travel publishing, instant rewards, factory schedules and other modules.
  • Support automatic album playback, audio, video, streaming, and other video capabilities.
  • HTML pages can be directly embedded for rich content.
  • Automatic scheduling mechanism that can be completed prior to writing the content, signage content is updated automatically.
  • User-friendly interface and complete back-office infrastructure.
  • Customized design services according to customer needs.

What is ANYPost digital signage system?

ANYPost is a new content distribution system for digital signage networks. All network-based interface, so you will not need to install any software, you can directly use the Internet. A browser will be able to edit and publish digital signage content, and use the Internet in real-time. The content can be added immediately, and immediately posted to more than one of the billboards on the screen.

Systems with a variety of other built-in RSS and Widget-type applications let you click directly on the digital signage interface to show weather forecasts, local time, marquees, or video animation for real-time playback.

Anywhere you want to easily manage digital signage content, fast delivery and effective information to target customers. ANYPost helps you find and expand business in the visual appeal of this release; it has become the best tool to enhance communication content.