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Presto! BizCard Reader 6
Presto! BizCard Reader comes with a compact USB simplex scanner.

Presto! BizCard Reader 6, for Global Business Card Management

Transfer contacts to Salesforce & Google Contacts
Back up business card information to MobileMe, Gmail, and Hotmail

Presto! BizCard is a comprehensive contact management system that helps you scan business cards, edit business cards, and then synchronize the contacts to various management applications. It is the ideal tool for staying in touch and organized no matter what languages your contact's business cards are printed in.


Presto! BizCard converts business cards into a searchable and editable database. The information can be effortlessly exchanged between computers, laptops, PDAs, and PIMs. You can also “one-click synchronize” your contacts with ACT!, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce, or Google Contacts as well as exporting to vCard, CSV format, MobileMe, Gmail, or Hotmail.

Presto! BizCard has a simple and intuitive workspace. You can sort contacts by company group, category, name (first or last), or other field. The multilingual character display lets you manage your global contacts on one screen. Browse mode gives a quick view of the front, back, and notes for each card, and the Smart Search feature retrieves contacts almost instantly.
Presto! BizCard Reader 6, the Global Business Card Management Solution
Presto! BizCard sports a new Scan to Outlook feature. The BizCard add-in can be accessed from Microsoft Outlook and all the scanned business cards will be directly transferred to the designated contacts folder with card images attached.

scan to Outlook
In addition, you can scan your business cards without having BizCard or Outlook application open. Just scan business cards with the BizCard Tool from the System Tray. Each contact with its card image will be seamlessly transferred to both BizCard and Outlook.

scan your business cards
Presto! BizCard includes a full-featured printing utility that allows you to print the contact data onto address labels, nametags, ID badges and more. - It supports various formats including Avery standard label stickers and also includes ready-to-use templates.
Presto! BizCard 6 includes a full-featured printing utility


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