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Bring out the best work of your scanner

Whether you wish to copy, e-mail, scan, print, fax, or use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software, EPSON Smart Panel will interact quickly and easily with your peripheral devices and bring out the best of your work. Fast and easy to use, Epson Smart Panel is the control center for your scanner. 
The Smart Panel version 3.5 provides support for the latest applications such as PhotoShop 8 via Scan to Application.

Please read the important information before installing Smart Panel 3.5.
For users who are lost the original Smart Panel installation CD or want to run on Mac OSX 10.2.8 or later, users can install version 3.5 directly without previous versions (version 1.00 throught version 3.20) installed on their computer.

The Smart Panel 3.5 will automatically detect and un-install all older versions before installing on Mac OSX and earlier version. 

Supported Application
This upgrade supports the following applications. Note that some of the application names will be changed after upgrading.
Application for Version 3.5 Application name in the old version (Version 1.x and 2.x)
Copy Utility Copy
View and Create Scan for Creativity
Scan to Application Scan to Application
Edit Text Scan to OCR
Scan to E-mail Scan to E-mail
Scan and Save Scan to File (or Scan to PIM)
Copy to Fax Copy to Fax
Business Card Business Card

Other applications that provided with the old version will be removed during the installaion:

Scan to Web
PhotoPrint (This function was integrated into Copy Utility)
Scan to PDA

The Business Card applet, if you haven’t purchased BizCard, you can buy it from our website below.

USA: www.newsoftinc.com   


Taiwan: www.newsoft.com.tw   
Japan: www.newsoft.co.jp           



Copy to Fax allows you to scan and send the document without using an extra fax machine. Before using this function, please install the Fax software such as FaxStf.

Some of the original settings may change to system defaults. Please check the device settings, Scan Button settings, and others, and make adjustments as necessary.

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