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Sand Painter

Sand Painting - Colorful Memories from Childhood

Sand Painter has well-loved fairly tales for a theme. The traditional sand painting methods become easier when they are computerized; we can remove film, pour sand, and shake the picture with more precision and no mess. Children and adults of all ages can quickly and easily master the three simple steps for painting with fun and colorful sand.

The Achievement board adds fun to the activity. As you clear the challenges, you get more colors and templates. Upgrade to the full version and get 32 more templates, 36 free colors and a blank template for freehand drawing. (Note: To continue after three achievements, upgrading to the full version is required.)

In real sand panting, mistakes are almost impossible to correct, and once finished, the template cannot be used again. Our Sand Painter lets you use the templates as many times as you want, and Sand Tools let you remove sand and pour again in another color. Use your creativity to produce a masterpiece or two.

Now, let's start Sand Painting !

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