BizCard - Software patches download

6.1x Windows (for OEM)
2013-05-031. Applies to these versions.
(V6.10.12, V6.10.13, V6.10.14, V6.10.15, V6.10.16, V6.11.00, V6.11.10, V6.11.20, V6.12.00, V6.12.10)
2. Fixed manually enter address problem.
3. Updated kernel scan on Win7 64bit identification may crash.
4. Updated the display problem of Categry view.
5. Version will change to the following after updating.

The version 6.10.12 will change to v6.10.12 13108 after updating.

The version 6.11.00 will change to v6.11.01 after updating.

These version 6.11.10 & V6.11.20 will change to 6.11.21 after updating.

These version 6.12.00 & 6.12.10 will change to 6.12.11 after updating.
6.1x Windows (for Retail_OEM)
2014-07-281. Applies to these versions.(V6.11.x、V6.12.x、V6.20.x、V6.30.x)
2. Fixed failed to sync to Google contact issue.
3. The updated version of the same.
2014-03-171. Applied to versions 6.10.00, 6.10.10, 6.10.11, 6.20.10, 6.20.11 only.
2. Changed version to 6.30.00 after updating.
3. Improved the encrypted database.
4. Fixed the issue of categories.
5. Fixed the display issue when entering data by manually in Browse view.
6. Fixed the sorting issue of Japanese name card.
7. Added a mark on the selected category.
8. Fixed the Furigana cannot display correctly on Window8.
9. Removed the strange character of zip code when printing label.
10. Fixed the CSV exported format of Japanese name card.
11. Fixed the extra blank line of exported CSV file.
12. Fixed the database size expands when scanning back side image.
13. Optimized the Windows 8.1 compatibility.
14. Updated the original database structure.
15. Added Auto Update.