PageManager 9 - Software patches download

9.x (Panasonic for Windows)
2017-12-131. This Update installer only applies to these version:
9.23.00, 9.23.01, 9.23.02, 9.23.10, 9.23.11, 9.23.20, 9.23.30.
2. The version changes to 9.23.32 after updating.
3. The Dropbox API has changed to V2.0.
9.x (PFU for Windows)
2017-12-111. This Update installer only applies to these version:
9.34.12, 9.34.18, 9.34.20, 9.34.22
2. The version changes to 9.34.32 after updating.
3. Fixed the known bug of PDF print driver on Windows 10 RS3.
4. Updated the runtime component from VC2005 to VS 2013 Redistributable.
5. Fixed unexpected dialog during uninstall process.
6. Fixed the compatibility issues of Facebook.
7. Fixed the ADF scanning issue with SP-1425 WIN non-UI mode.
9.x (Plustek for Mac OS)
2014-12-311. Support for Mac 10.10.
2. This is a standalone full installer and only applies to Plustek scanners which are bundled with version 9.x series.
3. Support ICA driver (USB only ).
4. Improve the quality of when export OCR image RTF/RTFD file.
5. Support print image annotation.
6. Add “Cancel” function in uploading progress dialog while uploading files to cloud storage.
7. Allow to Import old application settings when upgrade from version 9.x series.
8. Improve launch speed of main window.
9. Support PDF note Annotation.
10. Add undo/redo when drag files from Thumbnail view to Tree view.
11. In Pallet view, add Send to cloud function.
12. In File filter, add check and uncheck function when select all files