BizCard - Software patches download

6.11.10 Windows (for Panasonic)
2013-03-181. This BizCard 6.11.10 (Win) update is a full installer for Panasonic scanner series only.

2. Fix scan and recognize bug.
6.12.30 Windows (for Brother)
2014-04-11This update only applies to versions 6.12.00, 6.12.10 and 6.12.20 for Brother MFC devices.
1. Updated the switching issue of categories.
2. Updated the states when typing a new card in Browse View.
3. Updated the Japanese spelling check in Name field.
4. Updated the Furiganna display issue in Windows 8.
5. Updated the name and address filed of Japanese version.
6. Updated the Database size of scanning problem.
7. Updated the OCR engine.
8. Updated the CSV exporting module.
9. Updated the strange character of zip code.
10. Optimized the Windows 8.1 compatibility.
6.12.31 Windows (for Brother)
2015-09-301. Applied to versions 6.12.00,6.12.10,6.12.20,6.12.30 only.
2. Changed version to 6.12.31 after updating.
3. Fixed the map linking issue on Windows10.
4. Fixed Bizcard to sync with google contacts on Windows 7.