PageManager 9 - Software patches download

9.x (Epson for Mac OS)
2017-12-131. It will detect the driver of EPSON device first to allow for installation.
2. This Update installer only applies to these version:
9.32.10, 9.32.30, 9.32.40.
3. The version changes to 9.32.50 after installation.
4. It supports Mac OS 10.13.
5. Fixed it can't scan with ICA Show UI.
6. Update font in EULA.
7. Fixed the PDF bug that can't add Free text or Note.
8. Fixed the PDF Annotation can't be add/edit correctly.
9.x (Epson for Windows)
2015-10-191. This patch only applies to these versions below:
2. The version changes to 9.32.20 after updating.
3. Windows 10 is supported.
4. Fix the login problem of Facebook.
5. Add "Import Old Data" in Start Menu.
6. Support Thunderbird in application bar and document pallet.
7. Improve the quality for exporting the OCR Result to RTF file.
8. Update PDF Printer driver to improve the quality while print to PDF.
1. The patch only applies to version 8.20.x and 8.25.x
2. The version changes to 9.32.21 after updating.
3. Fix the login problem of Facebook.
4. Add "Import Old Data" in Start Menu.
5. Support Office2016.
9.x (HP for Mac OS)
2014-12-031. Support OS X 10.6 to 10.10.
2. This is a standalone full installer and only applies to HP scanners.
3. Support ICA Scan driver.
4. Improve the quality for export OCR result to RTF/RTFD format.
5. Support sharing file to Facebook and Scan to Facebook.
6. Improve the OCR result for the image on a slant.