BizCard - Software patches download

5.40.01 (for Micro3)
2009-01-131. This update file is only for BizCard version 5.01.01 which is bundled with Micro 3 scanner to work on Windows Vista.

2. The version will change to 5.40.01 after installing.

A. The original installation CD may not allow you to install on Windows Vista please follow these steps to install on Windows XP compatibility mode.

1. Insert the installation disc to your CD/DVD ROM drive.
2. Launch Windows Explorer (File manager) to browse the disc.
3. Right-click the Setup.exe file from BizCard software folder.
4. Click the Compatibility Tab under Properties.
5. Check the option Run this program on the compatibility mode for.
6. Select Windows XP.
7. Click the OK button.
8. Double-click the Setup.exe.
9. Click Allow in the dialog An unidentified program wants access to your computer.
10. Follow the instruction on the screen to complete the installation.

B. If the installation process is stopped when installing the version 5.01.01 on Windows Vista please click the "Alt+Tab" on the keyboard to swich the window and select the language to continue the installation.
5.41.01 (for Kodak)
2011-12-301. The error message will appear when click Email card if the system didn't install any Email program.

2. The BizCard program may crash when sync via Windows Mobile (OS version: Windows Mobile6).

3. The result is failed when sync from BizCard program to Lotus Notes 6.x.

4. The Scanner TWAIN UI will Use be behind the program at one time.

5. Nothing happened when click Email card after installing MS Outlook 2007.

6. The program does not recognize the WIA driver source in Windows 7.

7. The program cannot recognize Lotus Note 8 and the icon is dim when set the configuration.

Note: The version will change to 5.41.01 after updating and it only applies to version 5.41.00.
6.0 (Removal Tool)
2010-03-15Sometimes you may not perform or fails to reinstall/uninstall BizCard Reader 6 correctly.
This file (Registry Cleaner) helps you to completely remove the settings of BizCard Reader 6 from System.

This tool will remove the specific information from system registry in order to ensure a successful installation of Presto! BizCard.
If your Presto! BizCard has been installed properly please DO NOT use this tool.
It would cause that the Presto! BizCard can not be uninstalled from Start Menu and you need to re-install the application.