Compact and reliable dedicated digital signage server for efficient media player management, content update, central scheduling, and streaming broadcast



Media Player Management

  1. Provide a completed client list, detailing all media players controlled by this CMS server
  2. Locate SMP players on Google Maps when SMP players activate the location function
  3. Create media player groups for easy systematized management
  4. Remotely manage media players in two major aspects: content update and play-list scheduling

Access Control

  1. Create multiple user accounts and authorize each account to possess different access rights
  2. Secure the access to Web Manager and Media Folder by username and password

Content Update

  1. Update and synchronize content automatically to all media players in groups and aggregations (two-layer groups)
  2. Synchronize playlist, skin, font, and all multimedia contents in the Media Folder to media players
  3. Support to create folders and sub-folders to store and organize multimedia content
  4. Upload contents by FTP and Network Neighborhood
  5. Update contents to max. 40 players simultaneously

Central Scheduling

  1. Centrally control the playlists of all media players in groups and aggregations (two-layer groups)
  2. Edit playlists of video, image, ticker, skin, and volume for SMP-PRO series
  3. Edit playlists of video, web playlist, program, and volume for SMP-WEB series
  4. Schedule the playlist to minutes by weekly basis or schedule an one-time event
  5. Edit unlimited number of client groups
  6. Edit Emergency Scheduling (or Emergency Event): After you configure the Emergency Scheduling,you can trigger it anytime by CMS or by SuperMonitor 3. The Emergency Scheduling has the highest priority than any other scheduling type.

RTB (Real Time Broadcast)

  1. Assign each video signal (NTSC and PAL) to a particular channel
  2. Real-time video/audio signal transcoding and broadcasting
  3. Transmit streaming data to media players by means of LAN broadcasting, multi-casting, or uni-casting
  4. Manage max. 4 video signals per server; up to 64 inputs for the whole system
  5. Support DVD quality MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 transport streaming; bit-rate from 1 Mbps to 5 Mbps(1Mbps for CIF; 2Mbps or up for Full D1)